127 hours is an intense, gruesome real-life story about a young adventurous man who has to come across the hardest challenge he has ever had to face in his whole time in the outdoors. the overall idea that this film conveys is about not giving up and keeping your mind alive to find ways to overcome obstacles. During this film, a man is on his way back to his truck after he has just helped two girls find their way to their destination. on the way back he slips down into a crevasse about a meter in width and a boulder pins his arm to the wall crushing all his bones in his mid-arm area.

127 hours it took him to escape eventually having to cut off his own arm to free himself while surviving off his own urine. he has so many smart ideas and ways to escape yet none of them worked. He kept thinking and thinking of new ways and kept his mind alive to distract himself from the pain. this constant theme of not giving up in relation to injury is quite prominent in my life.

I have had many severe injuries in my life and I am actually injured now but I would like to talk about the specific injury I had when I was 11 years old. during a rugby game at the start of rugby season, unfortunately, I snapped my knee in three places. after the long 12 weeks in a full leg cast I finally got out and my rehab started to happen. I came back from this really strong but just a few weeks out of the cast I ran our school cross country. I could barely run and I was so determined to do well I ended up coming something like 24th which I was so stoked with because I never gave up his is what this man had felt when he finally gets out of the canyon and comes across the other family that would eventually call the rescue helicopter.

The camera shot that we see where the sun is glazing in when he sees the people gives us a sense of warmth and accomplishment. Also when we see the sun we almost can feel how drowsy he felt as that happens to us when we stay in the sun too long. This was a really strong feature that the director of the film added. Also, there’s part in the film that conveys the idea of never giving up when he starts to cut his own arm off. First, he cuts off all the circulation then breaks the nerve and snaps his arm so he doesn’t have to saw through the bone. this a crazy way that the film conveyed the idea of never giving up and it must take some crazy willpower to do what this man did. it also shows us as watchers what we can really do when we need to and how to always fight till the end. During this film, we can also see that its really repetitive. the reason the film maker has done this is to show that all these ideas are not working but he still inst giving up. this feature of how the film is structured shows us also how much time is passing aswell and how time is crutial in a situation like this. This was inspiring for me to look back on and for the man who had to suffer 127hours with no food no water and an arm he ends having to cut off would be inspirational for him to look back at for sure. This is how I can personally relate to the theme of not giving up and how I can relate to this film.

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