24th May 2018

Application Letter

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I write this to apply for the position of a tertiary scholarship for fashion design. I am passionate to make a difference. A difference that will change people’s boring old style into something they feel proud in everyday. I believe your course will be the perfect step to achieve this aspiration of mine. My passion towards fashion is immense, I have a large creative brain that allows me to think in ways that are different, above and beyond the normal. I am very confident in being different and experimenting everyday with style. I would love to bring these aspects to your fashion design course.

I may not have been strutting my stuff on the cat walks in New York City, but when I have represented myself in a high level in rugby playing for Otago I definitely still spice things up with my uniform on the field. Not forgetting I represented Otago for track field while going to the New Zealand Track and field champs and came 3rd in the under 18 men’s 400m sprint as a 16 year old. Also on the rugby league scene when I was 14 I travelled to Wellington for a tournament and made the New Zealand under 15 paper team and being invited to a warriors camp the next year where a bunch of fitness and skills testing took place. This year I am playing for my first XV rugby team and striving to make Otago country u16 team. This makes me a strong candidate for your course as this shows I am hard working have great ambition and am competitive which is major in the fashion world.

To be this Involved in sport I can prioritize my time and have great work ethic towards my task in level 2 and in the outside world. For example with all my trainings after and before school I am happy give up many of my lunch breaks to catch up on work and do private tutors. I take great responsibility in these actions and would apply these traits to your course.

A big part in fashion design is getting ideas down on paper by drawing. Sketching for me is something I do with out even realising. As you would see in all of my school books there are sketches on almost all of the pages. I do this a lot in my spear time and I love getting my thoughts out on paper.

I have skills in other huge aspects of fashion design e.g. modeling. realising that modeling is a main aspect of this it enquirers me to this course even more. I really enjoy modeling and acually have a little bit of experience in it from a younger age. I was the model for the new Porsche that came out when I was about 10 and have carried on to model for people’s level 2 photography boards around school.

Daniel Cater, Micheal Jordan. Do these names ring a bell? I see these names as inspirations as they have successfully carried out rolls in fashion as they are very very good at there chosen sport and are professionally paid. Micheal Jordan probably one of the most known basket ball players ever to have walked this earth was the god at basketball. But personally his sence of fashion was even better. He created a brand called air Jordan and has so so so many models of the shoe he has named “Jordan’s”. But more specifically Dan Cater. Dan Cater is heavily involved in the fashion industry as he is the model for a well known undies brand called “jockey”. The reason why this man is more specific to me and my aspirations is he was a great all black who still has the record for the most points ever scored in all black history. These athletes prove that this is very possible.

This is one of the more unusual application letters you will probably see but with fashion it’s important to show individuality, confidence with what you do and originality.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack East.

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  1. Remember that you’re writing an application that shows what you have to offer to the organisation. While it will be important later in the application also to express what you will gain from your learning, at the initial stages it’s about showing why you, as opposed to anyone else, would be an asset to their organisation.

    Re-write your opening sentences, this time showing what it is about you that makes you stand out from others.

    Your anecdote about New York catwalks and rugby fields is great and will be able to be developed to create real impact.

  2. The information you have in your intro is developing well. It still lacks the required control however. I suggest you break it up into different paragraphs – starting with your passion, then the anecdote about New York, then how your successes on the sports field make you an ideal scholarship candidate – where you can explore how you’re driven, able to handle pressure, comfortable with competition..

    Then you can take the letter in the direction of other areas of your education that would support your being given a scholarship – for example, your work in photography and the visual arts and your interest in people and the building of successful relationships.


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