14th June 2018


Jack East,

Secondary School Student.

19 Ewing Place Albertown, Wanaka.

Wanaka, Otago.

Phone: 021 268 9719


I have the strength and skills to relate and communicate with people. And example of this is when I went to nationals as the Otago team captain when i was 14 and I communicated with the whole team over all different ages confidently and clearly. I would be able to bring this confidence to the position you are offering.

Not only is my work ethic high but the task that I have been given will always be to the best if my ability. I am willing and open to asking questions and wanting feedback on what ever I do to see is there is any possible way I could make it better I apply this in school and on the track or the rugby feild during my training hours.

My mind is very creative and will always think in different and unique ways to other people. I love to draw, sketch, colour in all my creative ideas all the time. My books in school are constantly filled with the weirdest sketches and drawing that my mind splatters out into the paper. This would also be another great another great skill to have in your course.


I have a lot of back ground experience in art as I have taken it ever since I can remember. That has helped me build my creative brain and improve my sketching skills. I have experience modeling as I have been signed with an agency when I was younger then getting the job to model for the new pourche that came out when I was about 9 or 10. As much as I like being in front of the camera I also have a lot of experience being behind one. I take the level 2 art photography course at my high school which has turned me not only into a model but also a photographer.


My most prominent academic achievement is definitely passing NCEA level one. Although I am on good track to doing very well this year as I have passed everything this year in NCEA level two.


In my alone time my main interests are definitely to be in the out doors playing some kind of sport with mates. If it’s a rainy day you’ll find me inside drawing and listening to a lot of music of all types of genres. Another huge interest is going through clothes and thinking of possible out fits and clothing ideas, I love to look around opp shops and vintage clothing stores as that is my kind of style. I also love jewellery, mostly rings and bracelets. There is just so thing about the that you can put with any outfit or style.

Yours sincerely,

Jack East.




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