This novel ‘Jonah Lomu- my story’ is about the amazing athlete Jonah Lomu and his rough upbringing in south Auckland and how he made it all the way to the All Blacks. I feel as though the overall theme of this novel is channelling your energy into something good instead of getting your self in trouble. jonah grew up in South Auckland with a very aggressive father who would beat the kids daily. growing up like this Jonah had to quickly learn how to fend for himself as he was involved in a lot of gangs who would end up on lots of fights. Even though Jonah was the younger one of the groups he was involved with he was strong and big but he was very aggressive and usually took things to far an example of this is when Jonah was waiting for a bus one time and 18-year-old guy tried to steal his jacket and Jonah stood up and beat him until he couldn’t move anymore. Jonah was 14. Jonah was recognised for his talent in rugby with his size and speed and got a scholarship to Wesley College. and ended up aking the first 15 in his first year as a 14-year-old. the school rugby representative took Jonah under his arm and taught him about channelling his negative energy into his sportand I found this aspect an aspect of my life that I can relate to. not so much the fact that I’m an angry kid but more the fact that every male has testosterone and that I won’t take my energy out on people but I will take it out on my games or training. this is a good stress reliever in my life and I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to play sports. the way Jonah learnt to channel his energy I can personally relate too.

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