This extract from the poem ‘Out Of The Blue’ is about the devastating 911 Terrorist attack in New York, USA. It is written by a British man called ‘Simon Armitage’, who writes the poem in a horrifying perspective of a man who was in the building during the event. The idea that this poem conveys the is it’s making all the views feel as if that were bystanders from the street making us feel guilty and helpless while watching the buildings collapse onto the streets of New York. This aspect of the poem that makes us feel guilty and unable to help is of personal interest of me because in many aspects of my life I am forced in situations it’s my sport where I can’t do anything to help innocent people and even the closest of my friends. A quotation during the text that gives us the feeling of guilt while reading just like the bystanders were while watching this horrible event is when the author of the poem writes, “does anyone see a soul worth saving?” This is from the perspective of the man in the building waving out the window with a white sheet. Even though the people can see him they physically can’t save him even though. They all feel really guilty about watching this man suffer. What makes the readers like my self-feel really guilty is the quote. What this quote does to make me feel guilty is the fact that he is that throughout the rest of the poem he seems like a really good man and he is definitely ‘worth saving’. and by using ‘worth saving’ it almost makes him seem like he is self-doubting himself and not worthy enough to be saved. this hits me on a personal level because at the moment my younger sister is doubting her self with her running at the moment even this has nothing to do with 911 there is still a theme of self-doubt for her and guilt for me. I feel very guilty at the fact that I just can’t figure out what to say for her to stop criticizing her self so she still is self-doubt. this relates in the fact that I feel guilty just like the bystanders because even though they care about this man in the window there is nothing they can do.

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