25th May 2017

Paragraph analysis practice

Shakespeare uses apparitions to manipulate the mindset of the character Macbeth many ways in this play. Shakespeare uses 3 witches to imbed the thought of the 4 apparitions in Macbeth as he gets reminded of them throughout the play. The rememberance of the apparitions constantly eat away on Macbeth’s head and takes away all his pride and honour for his men with an over confident appearance. A major example of how Shakespeare corupts macbeths mind set is during the raid of the character Macbeths castle.

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  1. There are some good ideas in this piece, Jack. What it needs now is to stick to one idea (I’d suggest you initially remain with the use of the apparitions) and to expand on that idea, especially in that you should use direct quotations from the play as part of every paragraph.

    I’d encourage you to look carefully at the sample paragraph on the class website, as it demonstrates how you can use a clear formula of Statement, Example, Explanation to ensure you keep a clear logical sequence to your writing. – and to make sure you also use detailed reference to quotations in your ultimate answer.

    Also, as we’ve mentioned, the paragraph written by Otto together with support from the whole class is a good example of how to keep the logic of your argument clear while referring to a range of items of evidence and analysis.

    Before you start writing, you’ll need to devise a plan – a list of the points you’re going to make and the quotes you’ll use to support them. Otherwise you’ll go off track while you write the essay.

    Let me know when your plan is done, and I’ll check that you’re going in the right direction.



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