8th October 2017

Reading Log

  1. Macbeth (extended text)

‘Macbeth’ written by Shakespeare is a play that is placed in the drama genre. The play Macbeth is about a honorable soldier that fought for his country Scotland who soon after became corrupt because of his own insecurity’s plus the influence of his wife and his interpretation of the prophecies.

Through out this play there is a constant theme of insecurity. This is showed in many parts of the play by Macbeth for example when Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth into killing King Duncan who was the king of Scotland before Macbeth. Macbeth bought in to Lady Macbeth’s persuasian Of “what beast was’t then, that made you break this enterprise to me? When you durst do it then you were a man”. What she does is question is manhood which is considered a very bad insult she could say to him. Macbeth’s insecurity’s allowed this to effect him and wanted to prove that he was a ‘man’ or wasn’t a coward.

This theme of insecurity carry’s on through out the play by many characters ever Lady Macbeth who ends up killing her self which is weird because she was considered ‘tough’. To conclude I believe that Macbeth was a very insecure man even after his victory in battle against Ireland and Norway with Banquo. He was weak in the head which made him go on his big killing spree.

  1. Lord Of The Flies (extended text)

The novel Lord Of The Flies novel is about a group of boys that crash on a derserted tropical island durning a violent war. The schoolboys have to learn how to work together in order of survival but this doesn’t happen as a character who goes by the name of ‘Jack’ disagrees with the way the leader Ralph leads and creates himself a new girl called the hunters which bassically kill to get what they want.

Throughout this novel there is a strong sense of dominance and who is issentually the ‘Lord Of The Lies’. I believe during this novel the boys come into their natural nature for example they form groups as they would at school.

  1. The Note Book (film)

The NoteBook is catagorised in the Drama/Romance genre. It is a story about a late teen country boy ( Noah ) falling in love with a rich city girl ( Allie ) during summer break. Allies parents do not believe that Allie deserves Noah they believe she deserves a rich guy not a country worker. After she goes back to school and he goes off to world war 2 as a soildier Allie works as a nurse and quickly falls in love with a smart rich handsome ex solider. Just before the rich guy and Allie are about to get married she stumbles across Noah and they getting back together.

During this film Noah shows a lot of self respect and mental strength to not give up on Allie which on a personal level means a lot to me it shows how far love can go. This film is very interesting in the fact that it tells us lots of life lessons that are very valuable and that you would use on an every day basis for example the life lesson – don’t give up on your dreams. This is showed rapidly through out this film but a prime exampl of this which over rides any other example is how Noah never gave up on Allie. I can relate to this not on a level of love but on a level of sport and how I have started and won’t give up on my dream of playing professional rugby.


  1. BayWatch (film)

Bay Watch is a comical action filled movie that makes you laugh and also makes you sit up on your seat as there is a lot of heart and determination applied during this film. Bay watch is a life guard team that make the beach a better place. There are try outs for this team and there is one character that stands out in my opinion during the try outs. His name is Ronnie, Ronnie is quite over weight and it’s his third year trialing for this team which is great dedication. For the try outs the contenders are out through a challenging obstical course. Because he is over weight and unfit he doesn’t give up and he has good heart and that’s why he got selected.

I can relate to Ronnie on a personal level on the same way he was trying to make this team and he never gave up and the same thing happened to me. This relates to the note book as both these two boys Noah and Ronnie share the ‘never give up’ attribute.


  1. The Bremen Town Musicians (short text)

The Bremen Town Musicians is a German folklore which is essentially a fairy tail. It is a great short text and is a good pick me up. This is because all the characters which are animals ( donkey, dog, cat and rooster ) have been through tough times for example getting sacked or getting abandoned by there masters because they were getting old and couldn’t do the job anymore.

During our teen age years we may experience getting fired or getting dropped from teams or something along those lines. What these animals do is they forget about it come out with a positive attitude and carry on to be Musicians. Not saying that we have to be Musicians but we have to come out if these situations stronger and learn and move on.

This directly relates with the movie Bay Watch because I mentioned that Ronnie didn’t make the team for three years and still left and came back stronger every year until he made the team. The only difference is that he didn’t move on.

  1. Oh, The Places You’ll Go! (Short text)

’Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’ Is one of Dr Zeus’s book that is targeted towards teenagers and adults that are getting out into the real world. The whole book is on the options you will take along the road for example you might end up getting “bang ups and hang ups” which means you may get injured or you might get fired which will leave you with a bad head state. Dr Zeus says that you can get out of this bad head state and go on to great things.

This relates on a personal level when I broke my leg badly in year 7 and I was in a full leg cast for 8 weeks setting me back a whole year of rugby and athletics. I told myself that I would come out stronger and faster and even told my parents this. Which I did, my rehab was very good and I got to the stage where I won nationals for the 400m sprint the year after.

I beleive that this book correlates with the book called ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’ because every character in that text has had to come out from a tough time and then go on to live a good life.



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