This film ‘The Fast And The Furious’ is based on a young undercover cop who has a case on the street racing scene where he forms strong relationships and becomes very good on the racing side of things. While he is doing this mission for the cops and also dealing with drama with the racers who are facing the cops he will have to decide which family he will stay with. The young Cop Brian feels the hardship of having to toss up between the two sides and tries his best the please both. Personally, I can relate to this kind of situation with my sport. I have grown up competing in high levels of sprinting and rugby. Turning 16 I am finding it very hard to stay competitive in both as I am coming into my rugby season too slim and not skilled enough to be at my best when preseason comes as I haven’t had the summer to train for rugby. I have formed great relationships in rugby and through my athletics and right now I am tossing up between which path I take and who I would like to please. I have been thinking to myself about how it doesn’t matter what other people think and that it’s my decision and that I only want to please my self so I have chosen rugby as I find much more pleasure with it. there is a stage in the film where brian realises this and figures out that the relationships in his street racing and the enjoyment that comes with it is the life he wants and he has to come clean and tell the racers that he is a cop. Obviously, they hate him for this but with his pure guts to save someone who he has had beef within the racing squad shows the rest of the people what kind of person he is. this is how can personally relate to this film.

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