9th February 2018


Phone rings

Person 1: Yeh

Person 2: Aw, Fanks for answering geezer, know what I mean?

Person 3: Gimme that. Where you been fool, making us rince out our credit leavening messages and that.

Person 2: Mr Dawes is well on the war path wif you bruv Yeh.

Person 1: Cause of the bag and that?

Person 2: What bag!? Cause you missed a lesson you cheat.

Person 3: Gimme dat, the bag weren’t a problem, Tegsy never mentioned it. He bottled it. Aye you comin over to mine lata to play computa?

Person 1: Nah man I’m at home now, I got business I gotta run.

Person 3: What business!?

Person 1: Business dat mines it’s own. makes a smooch noise I’m out.


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  1. Gosh you’ve come a long way since the beginning of last year, Jack.


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