During this poem “house” by Albert wendt. The author uses many effects to convey the idea of love that he shows for his house. The first main effect that the author uses is a nice piece of personification. The author gives the house quality’s of a human and if it’s alive. And as if it […]

Injuries are awesome. Ussally to make this statement you would have to be an alcohol drinking, drug smoking teenager. But with my personal experiences in the area of injury’s I have edged to agree that injuries are great. My story begins in the winter of 2013 when I was Year 7. It was the start […]

This novel ‘Jonah Lomu- my story’ is about the amazing athlete Jonah Lomu and his rough upbringing in south Auckland and how he made it all the way to the All Blacks. I feel as though the overall theme of this novel is channelling your energy into something good instead of getting your self in […]

127 hours is an intense, gruesome real-life story about a young adventurous man who has to come across the hardest challenge he has ever had to face in his whole time in the outdoors. the overall idea that this film conveys is about not giving up and keeping your mind alive to find ways to […]

This film ‘The Fast And The Furious’ is based on a young undercover cop who has a case on the street racing scene where he forms strong relationships and becomes very good on the racing side of things. While he is doing this mission for the cops and also dealing with drama with the racers […]

This extract from the poem ‘Out Of The Blue’ is about the devastating 911 Terrorist attack in New York, USA. It is written by a British man called ‘Simon Armitage’, who writes the poem in a horrifying perspective of a man who was in the building during the event. The idea that this poem conveys […]

During this poem the musicians face many challenges preparing for the photograph. In our answer we have to analyse 3 of the challenges that they face on their decent up into the alpine terrain past the tree line carrying all there instruments. The writer uses contract in the poem and the second way he does […]

Injuries are great, amazing, absolutely totally awesome. I guess your all probably think I’m some delusional alcohol drinking, drug smoking teenager by making this statement, but with my personal experience in the area of injuries you will all see how great, amazing, absolutely totally awesome injuries can be. My story begins in the winter of […]

Speech: It’s the Economy, Stupid