Above the oozing mud and below the smog of cloud separating earth from what ever fatal obstacles space holds, there is an arena.Through the proud gates that stand tall I see visions of memorable moments blurring in and out each time I breathe. The crowd is cheering and the lads are hurting as they […]

Above the sewage filled water stands a set of soldier like gates guarding a mystery to be told. Below the mist the hugs the city that fights for its life.

Shakespeare uses apparitions to manipulate the mindset of the character Macbeth many ways in this play. Shakespeare uses 3 witches to imbed the thought of the 4 apparitions in Macbeth as he gets reminded of them throughout the play. The rememberance of the apparitions constantly eat away on Macbeth’s head and takes away all his […]

Metaphor Analysis: Lady Macbeth – “Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark” I believe this paragraph explains how the light and the happiness of the heaven can not break the dark. Her feelings are so evil no niceness can break her ambition to kill Duncan.

Hypothesis – Emphasis and exaggeration can be shown in text language and online conversation as easily shown in an interpersonal conversation.

Jack – Man James Harden sucks at defense Jesse – No Way, nah he’s so good Jack – I reckon if there was ahhhhh match between the Timberwolves and um Jesse – rockets Jack – yeah, they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t Um James harden um wouldn’t be able to handle the um combination of Andrew wiggins […]

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