Jack we’re talking about your first reading general ha and First I’d like to know what did you read I read Sunday. But the story of rugby’s new superstar. Yep. And what is it What’s that about this, about an up and coming league player who is from New Zealand and moved to Ozzie and […]

Rugby is a big part of New Zealand’s society. The rugby culture is immense as the people of our country show great pride for their team. When the All Blacks come up against an over seas team it becomes war as we show great compassion for our teams. Although it is literally not a battle […]

Coach: Okay (Colloquialism) so (Verbal Filler) first of all  we are going to review the attack wheel (Jargon – Specialist term from Rugby – Metaphor). Kay (Abbreviation and colloquialism) so (Verbal Filler) guys that were here last year please don’t answer, number one (Interrogative, abbreviated – para-linguistic)? The boys: Position Coach: Position…….. (Pause) why? Why do we get into position on […]

Commentator 1: Zoi Sadowski Synott, doing a tail press over the rainbow bridge, back-side heel on the quarter pipe, coming back around, going up the hill, back side 180 over the c-rail. Coming into the next rail feature, switch, switch boardslider, did a wee like popout. Wee popout’s like can really impress the judges because […]

Phone rings Person 1: Yeh Person 2: Aw, Fanks for answering geezer, know what I mean? Person 3: Gimme that. Where you been fool, making us rince out our credit leavening messages and that. Person 2: Mr Dawes is well on the war path wif you bruv Yeh. Person 1: Cause of the bag and […]

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NCEA 2016 1.1 paper Question 7. Describe one important character in the written text. Explain how this character is revealed to you throughout the text. In the play ‘Macbeth’ written by William Shakespeare we became familiar with the character Lady Macbeth. During this essay I will be discribing Lady Macbeth and how she is revealed to […]

Warriors’ joyless season comes to merciful end