14th February 2018

Team Talk Transcript

Coach: Okay (Colloquialism) so (Verbal Filler) first of all  we are going to review the attack wheel (Jargon – Specialist term from Rugby – Metaphor). Kay (Abbreviation and colloquialism) so (Verbal Filler) guys that were here last year please don’t answer, number one (Interrogative, abbreviated – para-linguistic)?

The boys: Position

Coach: Position…….. (Pause) why? Why do we get into position on attack?

One of the boys: So we can hit them (Metaphor – violence) first.

Coach: Yep so we can get them the ball first……. What else?……. so yeah if we can get our attack (Metaphor – violence) into position before they get their defense set, absolutely were in an advantage aren’t we. If you noticed when we were on D( initialism)last week on D we were trying to get into the position so we can hit them on D. On attack we wanna do the reverse we wanna get into position before they get into position on D so we can exploit some space. Why else do we want to get into position early? What do you think? …… Anybody.

One of the boys: To give us more time.

Coach: To give us more time to execute our attack, absolutely. I gave a key word here last time that the all blacks used…..

Me: Front loading.

Coach: Front loading. Okay were front loading. We front load, okay so last year in a test match you would have seen Ben Smith come into a breakdown and he like almost full speed.. our ball… full speed to get back out to his wing. So he front loaded his work to get back out to the wing I.E. back into position so as the all blacks attack can function can function effectively. So that’s what front loading means.. Front load your energy and it makes the rest easy. So when we get back into position its not just jogging back, its not just walking back, your sprinting back into your position and that’s gonna make everything easy for us.

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